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Mentor, Ohio is one of the most important cities in the northeast corner of the state. It is a bustling industrial and commercial center located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. There are several tourist attractions that a visitor must visit when visiting this beautiful city. There are lots of things to do in Mentor, Ohio, from places to eat to sight seeing.

Mentor is a beautiful city in Lake County, Ohio. It is one of the biggest ports in northeast Ohio. This port was established in 1797 and is known as the "marathon of the Great lakes." The population in the last decade has been 47,000.

The most popular tourist attractions in the Mentor-OH area include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Cedar Point Golf Course, and the Cedar Point Car Show. Other attractions of interest are the historic Waxpool Lake, the Gulliver's Theme Park, and the Cedar Point Race Course. People from all over the world fly to Mentor to take in all that this wonderful area has to offer. Many people also go to Mentor just to relax for a few days and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is no surprise that Mentor is one of the top Ohio cities for home rentals.

One of the best places to stay in Mentor, Ohio is the Cedar Point Amusement Park. Here, families can have fun water skiing or parasailing. On cooler fall days, families can also go horseback riding or go on an autumn trail ride. The amusement park, Cedar Point, is part of the Great North East Landmarks Association. The association has worked hard to preserve the memories of our ancestors and to bring back the beauty that has been lost over time.

For a more casual vacation experience, visitors can make reservations at one of the many motels located in the downtown area. If the vacationing part of the trip is not what visitors want to do, they can choose to stay in the many bed & breakfasts, specialty hotels, and inns in Mentor, Ohio. Some of the well-known, upscale and friendly hotels in Mentor are the flagship inns such as the Courtyard by Marriott, the Comfort Inn of Mentor, and the Winnetu Resort. Each of these Motels and Inn has their own unique features and exciting attractions.

For some fun and entertainment, travelers can check out the Cedar Point Amusement Park and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. To get away from all that action, visitors can try the finest suites at the Best Western Plus Ohio Hotel and Casino in Mentor, Ohio. With a wide variety of accommodations, visitors will find it easier than ever to find a Mentor Ohio hotel that fits their taste and budget. They can be assured that they will have the time of their lives staying at one of these fine resorts while exploring Ohio's beautiful landscape and historic landmarks. With everything to explore in Mentor, Ohio including the beautiful Ohio River Valley and historic Downtown Cleveland, staying in a quality suite in any of Mentor's hotels will ensure that the best of Ohio is just a phone call away.

Mentor, Ohio 44060 Landmarks That Will Give You inspiration

Mentor Ohio is one of the largest cities in the southern part of the state. It is located on the shores of Lake Erie. There are many historic landmarks that make this city special. Among these landmarks are the Mentor Ohio State Museum, Cedar Point Amusement Park and Mentor Ohio Historical Society Museum. All these landmarks provide a glimpse into the past of Mentor, Ohio.

In addition to having many important landmarks, Mentor Ohio also has a rich culture. This city was named one of the top ten best places to live by the Wall Street Journal. In addition to having a great climate, there is also a vibrant music scene with many live bands that perform at the several venues in the city. The people of Mentor enjoy fine dining and drinking. There is even a beer garden that is open year-round.

People who visit Mentor will likely stop in at the Cedar Point Amusement Park. Here, they can swim, water ski and tan in the sand. Others can relax at the beach and gaze across the clear waters of Lake Erie. The park contains several attractions for visitors of all ages. One of these attractions is the Mentor Ohio State Museum. The museum houses a wide collection of relics that reflect the history of the area.

A trip to the Cedar Point Amusement Park is also a good way to learn about the history of Mentor. The park has been designed to replicate the look and feel of what might have been done by early settlers. Here, children and adults alike can go along as they roller and slide down slides, or hop on an inflatable zip line. Of course, there is always the Great outdoors!

If you want to learn more about the history of Mentor, Ohio, you might like to check out the City of Mentor website. This website offers a great deal of information about the history of Mentor, Ohio. The site also includes photos of the various landmarks as well as historical information and tourist information. You can even purchase tickets for some of the local attractions.

Whether you are looking for a few interesting Ohio landmarks, or you just want to feel the history in the air, Mentor, Ohio is the perfect vacation spot. You can stay at one of the many quality hotels that are located nearby, enjoy fine dining, take in a game of golf, and go on a nature trail all while being surrounded by beautiful scenery. You can even take a trip to Cedar Point to view the spectacular fireworks display. No matter your taste, you are sure to find something enjoyable to do while vacationing in Mentor, Ohio.

Mentor, Ohio 44060- Travel Destination

If you want to plan a trip to Mentor, Ohio, you should know that it is important to recognize all of the major landmarks in this beautiful city. Mentor has a long and storied history. This area was originally a farm, and then a homestead. It was named for the man who developed the Mentor mineral water.

You will want to visit all three sites, Old Town, the Rock House, and the Geauga Falls, each with their own unique charm. Old Town is home to many historic landmarks. There are many buildings and monuments that can be explored. Some of the great architecture in Mentor includes the American Revolution War Memorial, an early nineteenth century jail, a Ladies Home, the old frame church, and the Rock House. The American Indians used the Rock House as a place to make a house for their ancestors. There are many Indian plaques located in Old Town, that tell the story of many of the local pioneers.

Some popular hiking trails in Mentor include: Geauga Falls, Jacob City Ruins, and Cedar Falls. Hiking can be exhilarating and exciting. There are so many different things to see and do while hiking. Many of the hiking trails have signs posted that give the directions and descriptions of the landmarks that can be found there.

You can learn a great history lesson from visiting the historical attractions of Mentor. The Rock House, originally a residence of the American Revolution's hero, John Hancock, is open to the public. There is information about the history of the Rock House and other historical attractions located in the area. The Geauga Falls, located between Mentor and Youngstown is known as one of the largest natural falls in the world.

You will find many more historical landmarks in Mentor. One of the most historic sites is the Geauga Lake area. The area was once a major textile and farming area. You will also find the Rock House Site. The Ohio National History Museum is located in Mentor.

Your overnight accommodations should be comfortable and meet your personal expectations. If you prefer to stay at a tent, there are many tents available at the local camping and caravanning sites. Your food can be brought to you or delivered to your room. Many people love to camp, so there are plenty of options for meals and entertainment. With a little research, you can find Ohio travel destinations that will meet your traveling and lodging needs.

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